about ‘Loved’

I am so excited to be releasing ‘Loved’! It has been a dream of mine for so many years to produce a reflective Harp CD, but it was only when I stepped out of the classical music arena a few years ago that a new music language began to fully emerge in me.

Music has always been an avenue for me to express my deepest emotions and to process all that life throws at me. As I sat and played my harp I began to realise that the written notes of other composers sometimes couldn’t express what I was feeling in that moment. So I began to play my own melodies, spontaneous and improvised, notes that carried the words and emotions I needed to express at that time. I have poured out these melodies hidden away from view over the past five years, and as I have done so, I have found emotional healing, peace and restoration. My melodies are effectively prayers set to music.

‘Loved’ is an album where I share my personal prayers.

All the tracks are spontaneous but each of them has a biblical scripture that underpins what I play and these are available in the CD insert.

Many people have asked me for an album that they can relax to, send their children to sleep to, pray to etc, so I hope that ‘Loved’ is all of that, but also it is my prayer that through this album people would hear God’s loving voice speaking to them.

I wanted to record ‘Loved’ in a church rather than in a studio because it is an album about prayer. I was fortunate enough to be able to use St George’s Church in Douglas, Isle of Man for the recording which is an exquisite building, first opened in 1781. I spent two blissful days playing and praying my way through the album! We had to navigate a few obstacles with lawn mowers, fog horns, ice-cream vans and seagulls, but it was worth it! The setting for the album was very important to me.

‘Loved’ is a collection of spontaneous prayers and scriptures set to music and is available on all music platforms.