Georgina Graham (née Harrison) is a talented and accomplished harpist whose musicianship has earned her international recognition. Born in London, UK, she began learning the harp at the age of 10 and from here she embarked on a journey with this most beautiful of instruments which would take her around the globe.

“As a young child, I first learnt the piano whilst sitting on my mother’s knee. The harp was never something that I considered until I was told it was the only instrument that I wasn’t allowed to learn! Stubborn and determined, I began having lessons. I had no idea that I would fall in love with this magnificent instrument and I am indebted to my family who sacrificed so much so that I could learn. It has quite literally changed my life.

Georgina was privileged to study both classical and jazz harp as a Foundation Scholar at the Royal College of Music in London and also at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. She graduated with a First Class honours degree and has performed and recorded as a soloist, a chamber musician and an orchestral harpist in Europe, Australia and the USA within the classical, jazz and pop industry. Described as ‘an outstanding musician’, Georgina is one of the leading harpists of her generation. Whether her platform is a castle or a palace, a cathedral or a hospital, a concert hall or a street corner, Georgina continues to captivate audiences wherever she goes.

The harp is more than just visually breathtaking. Its sound and the impact it creates; the difference it makes to people’s lives is a constant inspiration to me. One swooping glissando on the harp can transform the atmosphere of any piece of music and lift the sound of an entire orchestra to a new dimension; the richness of its timbre can soothe and heal; the sheer majestic beauty of the instrument speaks for itself and immediately brings a sense of something almost other-worldly. The harp is such a versatile and exciting instrument – it’s an honour to be able to play it.

Georgina’s exposure to classical tuition alongside that of jazz and pop enables her to seamlessly and indiscriminately draw from each genre as she plays. Her classical training roots her technique and brings both a precision and a romanticism to the phrasing of her melodies, yet there is an improvisatory abandon and boldness that gives her music a unique freedom and beauty. Georgina’s debut album ‘Loved’, is an improvised collection of prayers and scriptures set to music. It is a stunning mix of heavenly melodies, rich harmonies and a sound that touches the soul.

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